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Did I forget to tell you? Tomorrow I’m venturing out of my cosy home office, commuting into Zone 1, and trekking to the Yahoo Head Offices, which plays host to this year’s Barcamp London. Barcamp is basically a tech/design/development geek gathering and a great place for networking.

I attended the Barcamp Cape Town unconference earlier this year.
Sponsors include all the big cheese:

  • Yahoo! UK, who are providing the venue and connectivity!
  • eBay, who are providing Saturday lunch
  • Another Yahoo! UK property (TBC), who are providing Saturday dinner + beers!
  • and who are providing both Sunday breakfast and Sunday lunch!
  • TechCrunch, who are providing drinks and snacks for the event!
  • Chinwag, who are sponsoring event t-shirts!
  • Belkin, who are providing power and network equipment

The attendee’s list also includes some big names with the likes of Ben Metcalfe and Ian Forrester organising the event. No Ian and me are not related… or at least I don’t think so after looking at his picture. Also Andy Budd, the managing director of Clearleft, looks like he is attending and I’m defintely looking forward to his talk.

A summary of the event will be posted on Monday.


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  1. That is going to be awesome!! Looking forward to your review and pics!!!!
    Try hoek up some sponsorshp for the next SA event if you can:-)

  2. Would be interesting to see what came out of the London one…can’t wait for Barcamp Jozi next week.

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