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  1. Very cool but with the fridge so close would it not be a good idea to get up and get one yourself? 🙂

  2. That defeats the whole purpose of it dear Justin! This gizmo is for coach potatoes.

    Preferably I would keep my fridge in the kitchen, then work out the exact angle of projection required to fling my beer can through the kitchen serving window to me on the couch.

    Oh how complete life would be.

  3. Amazing!
    Reminds me of the new Budweiser ad with the rubber floors!

    The only thing is, would it pass the “will I pull hot chicks with this” test! Probably not, but who needs female companionship when it can be replaced by this beautiful creation.

  4. Mark, now you’re talking – at least a kitchen fridge is a little further than in the video – lazy bloody americans. The biggy is will it project the beer and beverages that far???

    Grant, hot chicks? What’s that?

  5. Grant: Dig that Budweiser Ad. Imagine owning rubber floors and the beer launching mini fridge! I would never leave home…. except to reload the beer launching mini fridge.

    If you bought a stash of Hunters Dry or Smirnoff Ice for the beer launching mini fridge you would pull chicks. They would flock to your house, in the hundreds…

    Justin: That launch arm seems to be pretty strong. I reckon its got the distance…

  6. LOL- Justin, just a reminder, (as I know you’re married), hot chicks are those most elusive of beings whom single men try desperately to impress.

    So the question is, if I had a ‘beer launcher’ would these ‘hot chicks’ find me more attractive. I think it would rank right up there with my Michael Jackson dance/impersonation. However like Mark says, pop a couple Hunters Dry’s in there (not sure if the fridge could handle bottles) and you’d be beating them off with a stick.

    Not sure why I’m commenting on hot chicks though. I live in the UK, they don’t exist here!

  7. whew justin, glad to know you’re married – was a little worried with the whole ‘get up and get one for yourself comment’ – nearly had me popping a pair of pantyhose and nail polish in the post pronto! 😉

  8. Hmmm Granny… Pronto… Now you’re talking my language, check this out:

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