Anti-malaria wristwatch

After returning from my roadtrip around the country. I posted an article on the signs of malaria as I had been chowed by the little buggers in the Kruger. I was on the best anti-malaria pills around, but you always wonder “what if these pills are faulty?”. Well now you don’t need to worry about pills, you can just buy a wrist watch!

Invented in South Africa, the scientists say it pricks you 4 times a day and tests your blood for malaria. If there are traces of malaria in your blood it sounds an alarm and shows a little picture of an ugly mozzie on the screen. “Apparently the Malaria Monitor can detect an infection before symptoms manifest themselves“.

Perfect for the South Africans who live in malaria hotspots! Read the full story here:

Inventor develops anti-malaria wristwatch – Yahoo! News


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